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Event Date & Time

15th - 24th of March, 2018
@15:00 - 23:00

Event Location

Emaar Drive
Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Welcome to the 2017 edition of the Dubai Marina Street Festival!

This year marks the 7th anniversary of a festival that began in 2010.
Back then the festival was much smaller with only a few acts performing at one location.
This year the festival is the biggest yet with over 40 acts performing at nine locations along 2 kilometres of the Dubai Marina promenade.

The 2017 festival welcomes acts from all over the world including:
Canada, UK, Italy, Argentina, USA, Japan, New Zealand, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Japan, Austria, Italy, Poland, Bulgaria, India, Singapore, Chile, South Africa, Ecuador, Guatemala, Scotland, Australia and Hungary.

Over 500 shows in 10 days from the world’s top international street theatre talent
There is something for everyone with uniquely different styles of shows that will engage, entertain and make the whole family laugh!



Make a plan

With over 40 different shows and 500 performances, you’ll want to plan ahead so you can see the shows that interest you the most. Don’t worry if you miss a show, all acts do multiple shows during each day so you’ll sure to catch them at another location. Check the schedule for each day. There are dozens of restaurants around the promenade, and the Marina Mall is an ideal location for spot of shopping.

Be aware of the space

Some shows may attract upwards of 500 people. Be aware of space around you and be aware that occasionally the Marina club cars will need to get past. Offer care to those that need it, and share the space with others.

Join in, or sit back

Most of the shows at the festival request some members of the audience to be a volunteer. Don’t worry! No cone will force you to join in against your wish. Artists are expert at finding the people that want to help. Feel free to join in, feel relaxed to watch someone else.

Check your mobile phone

Please keep mobile phones to a quiet level, and if taking photos, please ensure the flash is turned off.

Make yourself comfortable

All the performance areas have mats and benches for you to use. If you are at the front of the performance, be aware that you may be blocking people behind you. Where possible, sit down and let others see. (Bring your own mat/seatto make yourself even more comfortable.)

Share the experience

If you’re having a good time, please share your experience on social media: take a selfie, video a show, tweet your opinions. Street Theatre is all about community, so share with your own.

Keep the area clean

Dubai is a beautiful city and very clean. Help it keep that way by placing any litter in a nearby bin.




Dubai Marina Street Festival